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Best to the Best through the Best (BBB).
Matching the best candidate with the best company by using state-of-art technology in the emerging countries.

Over 5,000 companies in Albania, Kosovo, Western Macedonia and in other foreign countries trust us with their job postings and use of centralized CV Database Searching and Selection.

Even better, duapune.com customers can search new employees in more than 130 countries through Duapune.com’s international partnership with the job board alliance “The Network”.

Our competitive Advantage

  • Affordable prices (Pricing)
  • State-of-art technology and services (web, mobile, cloud, online-off-line newspaper, education)
  • Large growing organic established community
  • Proven market success and Domain strong expertise
  • Full integration and synchronization (web, mobile, social media, newspaper)
  • Distinguished core HR Competencies

Value proposition

  • Team – stable, experienced and passionate
  • Product/Services – an Hybrid of best features of online job portals and the use of advanced technologies
  • HR domain Expertise
  • E-commerce online job portal model
  • Global recruiter - Member of the-network.com (the largest hub of job portals)
  • Member of Almacareer

Duapune.com is an online Job and Career Services Platform (#duapune) to help employers
find and hire the right persona in Balkan region and in the other emerging countries with affordable prices
and competitive quality by using the state-of-art technology.